Hello, My name is Dorothy, but you can call me Dot!

I am a curious creative with 9 years of design experience and love to learn and grow in all aspects of the industry.


I excel in both collaborative and independent design, concept, art direction and execution. Ability to design within various aesthetics, strong at multi-tasking, precision under tight deadlines, and a constant willingness to learn and try new things. Experience with Art Directing and designing; packaging, Retail/Wholesale/Digital brand standards, concept and presentation decks, content creation, asset execution, seasonal campaigns and photoshoots. Proficient in Adobe Creative Design Suite (illustrator, indesign, photoshop).

I grew up between Reno, NV and Green Bay, WI – I consider both home. After graduating from college in Wisconsin I moved back to Nevada where I got my first design job. A few years later, I relocated again for another job and have been living in Dallas, TX for the past 7 years. I was born in Georgia and spent a summer in London during college. I love to balance adventures while traveling with staying put to throughly explore one place for a while. I also love to snowboard, practice yoga/meditation, binge stream (all platforms), play with my dogs as well as all types of arts and crafts!

I enjoy the design journey of concept through production and take a direct but kind, hands-on approach to getting things done. I always have a picture in my head when I start a project and am pleasantly surprised when it ends up being close or the total opposite! The unexpected discovery is my favorite part of the process. My least favorite part, is finding the strength to let go of the stress caused by the unavoidable or uncontrollable factors, unattainable expectation of perfection and nagging anxiety all creatives (and people) face. But hey, that’s life, right!

I’ve learned to care more about collaborating than being right. And finding a way to have a journey of joy and positivity while striving toward goals instead of a journey of anger and frustration. My love for the craft makes hard work enjoyable and worth it! I also really enjoy finding a way to incorporate working with my hands to influence the final design. Whether it's building mockups for packaging, drawing, painting, or stamp carving to work through a graphic, I enjoy combining the physical and digital worlds of design to create the best end product. 

Thanks for stopping by!

“There is no creativity without vulnerability.”

–Brené Brown


“I might not be flawless but you know I’ve got a diamond heart.”

–Lady Gaga