Fossil Foundation Mural

Project Contribution: Part of the Fossil employee volunteer planning committee. Provided Concept/Art Direction (concept deck below) & coordination assistance.

The Fossil Group Foundation, in collaboration with Plano, TX Independent School District, came together to create a custom wall mural for Weatherford Elementary. This one-of-a-kind mural is part of Fossil's commitment to reach out to the local and global community through their bi-annual “Greater Together” service project.

Every Spring & Fall, Fossil Foundation coordinates a week of volunteer opportunities (both on & offsite) for employees to #maketimeforgood. In Fall of 2017, I helped plan & coordinate this mural for a local Elementary school. The goal of producing this mural on the Fossil campus to be installed in the school at a later date, was to engage as many Fossil employees as possible to be involved in creating it. The design was kept simple and set up as a paint by numbers style, so even “non-creative” people could help paint!

Plano ISD hired a videographer to capture the entire making-of process.