Product Photography Art Direction

Project Contribution: Concept, shot sheets, photo art direction. Coordination/project management between photo studio, retouching studio & brand.

Various images from over the past three years shot for different seasonal campaigns by different in-house photographers. Skagen brand direction at the time these were taken was; clean, minimal, timeless. Simple backgrounds and minimal styling, the brand team always wanted the product to speak for itself!

Simple aesthetic can be the most difficult to execute as there is very little to distract the eye, every detail matters. These images were also shot to work within multiple crops or in combination with other lifestyle/product images in various print or digital layouts.

When I’m Art Directing photography, my goal is to create a beautiful image but also seeing through (in my head) to execution, so I can make sure we get a wide/close up enough shot for all the possible usages. Because I’ve been the person on the back end thinking “ahhh we needed a wide shot here” or just taking the asset and photoshopping extra background, etc whatever I need to make the image/layout work!

Here are the shots themselves and examples of some digital execution (screen shots of actual usage) on instagram and